TOEFL Exam Expert to Share Skills with Palestinian TEFL Teachers

Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Short-Term Program (Fulbright DAST) 2022 Project Information

Project Overview

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Location: Jerusalem, Israel

Project Dates: March 14 - April 25, 2022

Project Length: 43 days

Summary: A U.S. secondary-level TEFL expert with expertise in teacher training and TOEFL exam preparation will travel to Jerusalem’s Old City to share their skills with Palestinian TEFL teachers.

Host Institution Information

Name / Department: Colleges Des Freres / English Language Department

Type: K-12 school


About: The Frere School in Jerusalem was established in 1876 by the Frere Brothers Association to serve the Palestinians from Jerusalem. Located in the Old City of Jerusalem, the aim of the association has been to provide quality education to the Palestinians, especially the most disadvantaged among them. In 1999, ait was decided to convert the school into a gender mixed school. The school follows the official Palestinian curriculum, but, in addition to the French and Hebrew languages, it also prepares students to sit for the GCE exams.

Project Information

Background: As part of local educational requirements, many East Jerusalem schools must start to adapt their curricula to meet international and U.S. standards, particularly in the field of TEFL. As a part of this process, the Colleges Des Freres school is seeking to build its expertise in preparing its high school students to take the TOEFL exam in 11th grade, and the SAT later on.

Goals: The Fulbright DAST participant will play an essential role at the Colleges Des Freres in familiarizing educators and administrators at the school with the TOEFL exam, and ideally the SAT exam, too, while strengthening the school’s TEFL department in general. The Fulbright DAST participant will have a strong influence on the direction that the College Des Freres will take its TEFL instruction to equip its students with the tools, abilities, and understanding to succeed on the TOEFL exam and be better English speakers. In addition, the Fulbright DAST participant will visit other schools in Jerusalem’s Old City to share their expertise with a wider audience of educators.

Activities: Leading seminars, workshops or other teacher professional development for educators; conducting needs assessments, surveys, institutional or programmatic research; developing academic curricula or educational materials

Target Beneficiaries: TEFL educators and administrators at College Des Freres and other schools in Jerusalem’s Old City

Qualifications of Selected Applicant

Teaching Level: Secondary (grades 6-12)

Years of Teaching Experience: 3+ years (5+ years preferred)

Subject Area Expertise: TEFL, Teacher Training, Assessment

Language Requirement: None

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