Gamification of STEM Instruction in Filipino Secondary School Classroom

Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Short-Term Program (Fulbright DAST) 2023 Project Information

Project Overview

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Location: Orani, Bataan, The Philippines

Project Dates: January 6 - February 3, 2023

Project Length: 4-5 weeks

Summary: A U.S. STEM educator specializing in using computer and mobile games to teach STEM topics will share their expertise with STEM educators at a Filipino junior/senior high school school.

Host Institution Information

Name: Jose Rizal Institute-Orani (JRI-Orani)

Type: Secondary school


About: Founded in 1939, Jose Rizal Institute is the first and oldest high school in Orani, Bataan. Named after the national hero of the Philippines, it is one of the three JRI Schools, a group of established private educational institutions in the province of Bataan. The rest are the older Jose Rizal Institute (founded in 1926) and St. Michael Kindergarten and Elementary School in the municipality of Orion. At present, JRI-Orani has approximately 1,000 junior and senior high school students enrolled each year. Per present pandemic-related mandates by the Philippine government and Department of Education, the school will resume in-person classes for calendar year 2022-2023.

Sandra Makielski Lindstrom, Philippines 2015

Project Information

Background: Following its motto "serving the community through best-value quality education," JRI-Orani always seeks to innovate and modernize instructional strategies, especially in STEM subjects. However, due to modern technological advancements, the generational gap between teachers and students is becoming more pronounced and needs to be narrowed. Specifically, staff at the JRI-Orani notice the growing interest of students in online gaming, something traditional culture discourages because it is seen as a distraction from proper education. However, JRI-Orani staff recognize that, if they are to foster student-centered learning in their classrooms, they need to adjust and incorporate their students' interests at present. The proposed Fulbright DAST project will help bridge this teaching-learning gap by energizing, modernizing, and "gamifying" the instruction of STEM subjects.

Goals: This Fulbright DAST project aims to enhance and modernize the teaching of STEM subjects at JRI-Orani. In this project, the Fulbright DAST participant will (1) lead and train STEM teachers to incorporate online and offline games in their classrooms, (2) co-teach classes where gamification will be implemented, and (3) compile a list of effective online and offline game strategies that have proven to be culturally and contextually relevant during their stay at the host institution. As an expected outcome of the program, JRI-Orani hopes to establish an educational system and culture that is more accommodating to the evolving interests of the Filipino youth.

Activities: Leading seminars, workshops, or other teacher professional development for educators; conducting needs assessments, surveys, institutional or programmatic research; consulting with administrators and/or instructors on faculty development; developing academic curricula or educational materials; advising Ministry of Education or other educational institutions on educational policies and projects or participating in educational consultations; and other education capacity building activities that meet host institution goals

Target Beneficiaries: JRI-Orani teachers and school administrators

Qualifications of Selected Applicant

Teaching Level: Secondary (grades 9-12)

Years of Teaching Experience: 3+ years

Subject Area Expertise: STEM; Technology/Computer Science; Teacher Training; Curriculum Specialist

Language Requirement: None

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