Design Thinking Expert to Train Filipino Educators in Developing Lesson Plans that Incorporate ICT Teaching Techniques

Fulbright Distinguished Awards in Teaching Short-Term Program (Fulbright DAST) 2022 Project Information

Project Overview

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Location: Guilid, Ligao City, Philippines

Project Dates: March 20 - April 9, 2022

Project Length: 21 days

Summary: A U.S. secondary-level educators specializing in Design Thinking and ICT will travel to the Philippines to share their expertise with Filipino high school teachers.

Host Institution Information

Name / Department: Ligao National High School

Type: Secondary school


About: Ligao National High School (LNHS) is a public secondary school located on in Ligao City. It is situated just 300 meters away from the city proper along a national highway. As of January 2021, the total number of enrolments recorded from grades 7 to 12 is 7,203 with a total number of 245 teaching and non-teaching staff.

Project Information

Background: In Ligao National High School’s improvement plan, one of the priority areas to increase the percentage of teachers attending professional development activities based on the Philippine Professional Standard for Teachers (PPST), specifically in order to boost their skills in the use of teaching strategies that employ Design Thinking and the use of ICT. However, due to the large number of teachers in the school, limited means, and disruptions caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, only a small fraction of the school’s teachers will be able to engage in any professional development for the foreseeable future. What’s more, the Covid-19 pandemic is creating unique challenges for teachers to adapt their teaching techniques to meet the needs of students studying in virtual and hybrid models. To provide meaningful professional development for its teachers in these crucial areas, Ligao National High School has launched ‘Project Pagtays (to sharpen): A Learning Enhancement Program on Design Thinking and the Use of ICT in the Teaching and Learning Process’ to be led by a qualified U.S. Design Thinking and ICT specialist.

Goals: The Fulbright DAST participant will work with a group of approximately 50 teachers at the Ligao National High School to equip them with Design Thinking teaching approaches and strategies to use both online and offline ICT tools. Providing these teachers with training in Design Thinking and modern and effective ICT instructional techniques will have a big impact on their ability to effectively facilitate the teaching and learning process during and after these unprecedented times.

Activities: Leading seminars, workshops or other teacher professional development for educators; conducting needs assessments, surveys, institutional or programmatic research

Target Beneficiaries: High school teachers at Ligao National High School

Qualifications of Selected Applicant

Teaching Level: Secondary (grades 7-12)

Years of Teaching Experience: 3+ years (5+ years preferred)

Subject Area Expertise: Design Thinking, ICT, Curriculum Design, Teacher Training, Computer Science/Technology

Language Requirement: None

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