An educator and a student
LuAnn Silva, U.S. to Spain 2022

Host Institution Information

Name: Villajunco High School

Type: Secondary school


About: Villajunco is a small public high school in the seaside city of Santander, Spain. Considering the diversity found in the Santander community, the school serves learners from a wide range of socioeconomic backgrounds. With a community of 550 learners ages 12-18 and 55 teachers, the administration and faculty of Villajunco is committed to equipping all students with the tools necessary to succeed in today’s interconnected world. To do so, Villajunco offers their students multiple programs that focus on global topics, all with special attention being given to promoting diversity and inclusion.  

Project Information

Background: A foundational component of learning at Villajunco is engaging students in language acquisition, which is emphasized by their Bilingual English Program. The program is optional and is meant to refine students’ English-speaking skills by providing them with additional lessons, as well as instruction for two subjects in English. However, many of the students who take part in the program usually come from middle-class and affluent families where parents are fairly involved in their children’s education. This contrasts with students from low-income and immigrant families who have fewer resources to support their children’s participation in the bilingual program. As such, Villajunco teachers are looking for innovative ways to reach students of all backgrounds, increase their motivation for learning languages, and encourage and support their participation in the Bilingual English Program. 

Goals: The Fulbright teacher will collaborate with and assist 11 teachers at Villajunco in developing strategies to encourage participation and increase motivation for language learning amongst all students, especially those that come from families with fewer resources to support their study of languages. In addition to sharing experiences and innovative methodologies, the Fulbright teacher will share about their culture with students as a way to highlight the strengths of diversity in the United States and worldwide. 

Activities: The Fulbright teacher will assess Villajunco’s educational approach by attending classes and meetings, plan lessons with teachers, share methods of teaching that highlight diversity and inclusivity, and strategize new ways to encourage more students to participate in the bilingual program. 

Target Beneficiaries: Educators and students at Villajunco

Qualifications of Selected Applicant

Teaching Level: Middle – High school

Subject Area Expertise: TEFL, Teacher Training, Curriculum Development

Language Requirement: Intermediate - Advanced Spanish