Webinars are a valuable resource for prospective applicants to learn more about Fulbright Teacher Exchange opportunities. Hear directly from program staff and alumni as they share details about program experiences, offer general application advice, and answer questions.

Webinar for Fulbright U.S. Teacher Applicants

This session features alumni of U.S. Fulbright Teacher Exchanges sharing their experiences and advice for applying, along with program staff discussing the application process.

Watch the February 2, 2022 recording: Webinar for Fulbright U.S. Teacher Applicants.

Diplomacy Classroom: The Fulbright Teacher Exchange Experience

The National Museum of American Diplomacy highlighted the Fulbright Teacher Program in honor of its 75th anniversary. With a guest speaker from the Teacher Exchange Branch in the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, Kayla Gatalica, they discussed the mission of Fulbright Teacher Exchanges and the impact it has on teachers and students in the United States and around the world. They explored how teachers can take advantage of exchange opportunities and become diplomats, inspiring a global outlook and global competence in their students. Turtle Haste, a Teacher Exchange alum who traveled to the Republic of Georgia joined the discussion to reflect on her experiences.

Diplomacy Classroom is a monthly virtual event presented by the National Museum of American Diplomacy where we explore diplomacy through a historical event, person, or contemporary global issue.

Watch the September 14, 2021 recording on the National Museum of American Diplomacy's website.

Educator Connect

Educator Connect is a series of webinars featuring presentations from Fulbright Teacher Exchange Alumni and other master educators on topics related to global education in U.S. classrooms.

Fulbright Teacher Exchanges for U.S. Educators: Getting Started With Your Application (2021) Recorded February 2, 2021

Globalizing Career, Technical, and Vocational Education Recorded November 19, 2020

Creating More Time for Teaching: Efficiencies & Empathy in a Global Educator's Distance Learning Classroom Recorded October 21, 2020