Joelle McIntosh

Business, Career & Technology Education Teacher

Joelle McIntosh, Teachers for Global Classrooms, 2017, Peru


Fulbright Teachers for Global Classrooms Program

Home city and state

St. Louis, Missouri



Why I applied

I originally applied for the program to further my understanding of international education and the issues that impact educational systems globally. I was also excited by the opportunity to travel internationally.

What I did

My experience in my host country of Peru was extremely enlightening. Not only did I spend time in Lima, but we also took a trip to Paracas. Of course, the educational system is vastly different from the United States system, while teacher concerns and students’struggles seem to be universal. Kids have hopes and dreams and are trying to figure out how to actualize them. Teachers have discipline problems and issues getting information across, similar to the United States.

As a result of the program, I have become a champion for global competence and understanding in every aspect of my life. I have presented at several teacher professional development events within my district, my city, and nationally. I also applied to graduate school seeking my doctorate in curriculum and instruction in the area of global education and business.

What changed

Teachers are now asking me for more materials and information on how they can incorporate global education into lessons, and students are asking for opportunities to travel and gain real world practical experience.

TGC [Teachers for Global Classrooms] was a life-altering experience, from the online course to the travel to meeting my cohort of fellow teachers. Not only did I come away with a wealth of knowledge and group of forward-thinking peers, I gained new self-confidence. I’m excited to be a part of this awesome network, and I look forward to the impact we will have on global education.

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